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Buildings are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) describing a structure and business within the world of Mirandus. There are 82 unique buildings of 24 different types. Buildings have several important properties, the first important property is type. Each building type can help produce a certain item or resource. The second important property is plot size. There are several plot sizes: 5x5, 10x10, 10x20, 20x20, and 20x40. Plot size determines where the building may be placed on a land deed. Plot size also determines which items or resources within the building's type may be produced using the building. The third important property is rarity. Rarity informs the amount of buildings that will ever exist and therefore the price of the building.

Land Plots[]

Item or Resource 5x5 10x10 10x20 20x20 20x40
Archeries Bows, Crossbows, Arrows Archery Stand Archery Large Archery N/A N/A
Armor Armor Armor Stand Armor Shop Large Armor Shop Grand Armor Shop Majestic Armor Shop
Bakeries Bread, Baked Goods Bread Stand Bakery Large Bakery N/A N/A
Barns Livestock N/A Barn Large Barn N/A N/A
Breweries Ale, Mead N/A Brewery Large Brewery N/A N/A
Butchers Meat, Cured Meat Meat Stand Butchery Large Butchery N/A N/A
Cemeteries Respawn N/A Cemetery Large Cemetery Grand Cemetery N/A
Dairies Milk, Cheese Milking Stand Dairy Large Dairy N/A N/A
Forges Weapons, Armor Simple Forge Forge Large Forge N/A Majestic Forge
Granaries Grain, Feed Simple Granary Granary Large Granary Grand Granary N/A
Jewelers Jewelery, Jewels Jewelry Stand Jeweler Large Jeweler N/A N/A
Lodging Resting, Social Tent Camp Large Inn Grand Inn Majestic Inn
Mills Flour Grain Stand Mill Large Mill N/A N/A
Outfitters Cloth, Wool, Linen Cloth Stand Outfitter Large Outfitter N/A N/A
Potions Potions Potion Stand Potion Shop Large Potion Shop N/A N/A
Stables Steeds, Mounts Hitching Post Stable Large Stable Grand Stable Majestic Stable
Stonecrafting Stone, Masonry N/A Stonecraft Shop Large Stonecraft Shop N/A N/A
Storehouses Storage Simple Storehouse Storehouse Large Storehouse Grand Storehouse N/A
Tanneries Leather, Skins Simple Tannery Tannery Large Tannery N/A N/A
Taverns Meals, Drinks N/A Tavern Large Tavern Grand Tavern N/A
Temples Healing, Blessings N/A Temple Large Temple Grand Temple Majestic Temple
Weapons Weapons Weapon Stand Weapon Shop Large Weapon Shop Grand Weapon Shop Majestic Weapon Shop
Woodshops Lumber, Furniture Woodworking Stand Woodshop Large Woodshop N/A N/A